About Us

We are a family operated aquarium store in Malden, MA. Aquariums are not just our business, it's our passion. Our Mission at European Aquatics is to offer some of the most unique and high quality livestock to all our customers that will not only survive but thrive in the home aquarium.

We monitor each and every coral, fish, and invertebrate on a daily basis constantly trying to improve and better our understanding of each species. Aquacultured corals, tank raised fish and invertebrates are a fundamental part of our industry. We work tirelessly to provide customers with the latest Aquaculture/Mariculture corals, fish, and invertebrates. Either raised in our facilities or purchased from trusted wholesalers we always offer the most sustainable and ecological livestock.

We've been in business for almost 10 years and opened our first retail location in 2017. At our store we also offer:

- Aquarium Set Ups ( Red Sea, Waterbox Aquariums, Ultum Nature Systems, Oase, Planet Aquariums, Innovative Marine and others)

- Equipment (Ecotech Marine, Aqua Illumination, Kessil, Eshopps, Abyzz, Reef Octopus, Marco Rocks, Caribsea and others)

- Additives and Foods (Tropic Marine, Aquarium Munster, Nyos, Hikari, P.E. Energetics and others)

- Freshwater Livestock and Plants